PowerPrint Cloud

The only treatment-plan building module that includes a unique feature of a QR code for each patient to view his customized 3D model!

With our PowerPrint create stunning treatment-planning leaflet for your patients,

based on and your patient’s digital image and our graphics.

Your leaflet can be saved and exported as a PDF file and can be printed or sent by email.

A user-friendly module for creating customized treatment-plan proposals.

You can create and add your own customized templates with your logo and details and with a description of each treatment and consent forms.

For each patient-case add:

  • Digital photos including DSD
    • A uniqueQR code for each patient to view his customized 3D model
    • Price proposal as PDF from your management software
    • Any relevant images (Xray, photos etc.)
    • 2D and 3D patient treatment Dental Chart from DentalMaster software.
    • Edit and work of each digital image and add calibration, golden proportion…  

And Then export save and print.